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Проект “Россия без сирот”

Законодательство РФ и нор­мативные документы по мерам социальной поддерж­ки детей-сирот и детей, остав­шихся без попечения роди­телей. Семейные формы устройства ребенка-сироты. Официальная информация и статистика. Все органы опеки и попечительства. Куда обра­щаться усыновителю.


God does not have orphans. A child with the Saviour is an orphan no more !



to the official site of «SHORES» charitable fund. We are an independent public charity whose mission is to further the Christian Orthodox tradition of philanthropy by supporting children’s homes and orphanages. Adults and children are both navigating down the River of Life. It is not easy, particularly for an orphan who has little strength and no one to guide him or her.  This is why, more than anyone, parentless children, need support and care. In other words, they need to heave their boats up on the Saving Shore. And we know that if a child is with the Saviour, he is an orphan no more.  Saving Shores are children’s homes and centres, where children are raised in the Christian Orthodox faith according to God’s Commandments and are surrounded by love and prayer. Christian education and culture have unlimited educational potential. A childhood based on Christian Orthodox traditions, creativity, games, study and work will greatly influence a child’s growth and development. Within this framework children can easily be socialised and encouraged to become spiritually mature. When a child goes to church, receives Holy Communion and prays, he or she learns about immortal life and becomes filled with love. This surely has a positive impact on the child’s soul.

Modern day Russia has its fair share of problems, one of which is the number of children in need of care. The state cannot to cope alone, the system of state-run children’s homes is in crisis. The Russian Orthodox Church, with its centuries-old traditions of charity, is not willing to stand idly by, but is attempting to find a solution. In the 1990s, the post-soviet Russian system of children’s homes and orphanages was initiated by people who cared. They were acting out of personal enthusiasm. Today there are Christian Orthodox children’s homes and orphanages in Russia but sadly, not all of them are perfect. Sometimes carers and those in charge of these institutions are far from being properly qualified professionals. However, their morality, honesty and their dedication are beyond question.

What is it that is hindering the development of private children’s homes 7 Firstly, there is an acute shortage of teachers and carers. Secondly, the inadequacy of existing legislation governing the relationship between the state and these homes. Thirdly, there is no state funding although the children who live in private children’s homes are just as much Russian citizens as those who live in state-run homes.

Today, Christian Orthodox children’s homes and orphanages are able to survive mostly thanks to personal donations. Thanks to these dedicated donors we are able to provide Saving Shores for the children. The number of these Saving Shores depends upon the donors, upon you and me, as well.


Respectfully yours,
Co-founder of The charitable fund «SHORES»

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