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Законодательство РФ и нор­мативные документы по мерам социальной поддерж­ки детей-сирот и детей, остав­шихся без попечения роди­телей. Семейные формы устройства ребенка-сироты. Официальная информация и статистика. Все органы опеки и попечительства. Куда обра­щаться усыновителю.

Our Fund`s Mission and Programme

Our Fund`s Mission

Our charitable fund «SHORES» has been created to support orphans and parentless children.

Our main priority is to help Christian Orthodox children’s homes and private orphanages.

The fund does not operate strict criteria in the selection of its orphan projects, neither does it specify the type or size of aid. The fund decides on the type and amount of aid that is appropriate in each case. The amount of aid provided may change, it may be curtailed or renewed at the fund’s discretion without explanation, but prior warning will be given.

We accept grants and donations by bank transfer made directly to the accounts of the children’s homes. We require the recipients to report back on application of funds.

When private children’s homes and orphanages turn to us for help we ask for detailed financials. The resources of our fund are extremely limited and, unfortunately, we are unable to help everyone in need. That is why it is really important for us to know when our assistance is no longer VITAL and can be cut back or stopped. This means that we are able to come to the assistance of other children’s homes.

We also ask those children’s institutions that derive their income from other funds and donors, not to come to our fund for supplementary income.

We keep in touch with other charitable funds and organisations with a view to collaboration. We hope that this sort of co-operation will help to smooth out uneven distribution of funds.

We are in constant contact with those children’s homes and orphanages that we help and we visit them regularly. We are happy to provide you with use of funds reports and feedback on your donations.

Our Fund`s Programme

The Fund was founded in late 1999 as SOS-Fund «DON'T DESPAIR !» to help people in trouble and parentless children. It is a non-governmental initiative. Over the years we have built up experience and understanding of the difficult social processes that have taken place in post-Soviet society. In November 2010 the Fund received legal recognition. We changed our name to «SHORES» and at the end of January 2011 created our own website www.fondberega.ru.

The main aim of «SHORES» is to support parentless children, to help them become socialised and to help prepare them for adult life. There are three main aspects to the work of our Fund:

  1. Educational: training for teachers and carers in non-governmental children's homes and shelters.  
  2. Legal: the establishment of a free legal advice service for children's institutions.
  3. Financial: fund-raising on behalf of non-governmental children's homes.

Our Fund's approach is to treat every children's home and orphanage as unique: each has its own history, story of how it came about and developed, each has its own strengths.

The majority of non-governmental children's homes and orphanages are located in the countryside. That is why our projects in those areas are primarily aimed at creating normal living conditions for children, enabling them to study and work there.

We always aim to ensure that «SHORES» projects with children's homes are clear cut and efficient with transparent financing.

We are looking forward to establishing a good working relationship with government agencies, business, educational establishments, social, charitable and other organisations, in our work with orphans. In this way we trust that we shall be a reliable partner the government in the care of parentless children.

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